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Instructional Designers

FIU Online has a team of dedicated, expert instructional designers who understand the ins and outs of creating effective and engaging learning experiences in the online modality. Their role is to engage in one on one collaboration with faculty members and subject matter experts to provide recommendations regarding the best way to design online courses; along with their development teams, they’re also responsible for supporting your online course’s development based on the instructional materials that you create and provide. The role of the FIU Online instructional designers in an online course is the following:

  • Assist faculty members transition from traditional to technology enabled courses.
  • Provide suggestions for appropriate learning strategies
  • Provide guidance for instructional design and best practices.
  • Suggest appropriate learning strategies and technology tools to enhance the learning experience
  • Convert course materials into a standard web-based format to enhance accessibility
  • Research emerging technologies to provide enhancements to web-based courses
  • Suggest ways and means of building integrity into the course during development
  • Investigate cases of academic misconduct as per faculty’s request.
  • Provide support to faculty for course-related questions and issues.
  • Be available for meetings with faculty.

Our instructional designers are available by appointment for consultation and development of online courses and faculty training. By keeping up with research on the theories, methods, and technologies that go into online learning, instructional designers are an invaluable resource when creating and managing online courses.

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