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Hybrid teaching application

FIU Online is promoting the Fall 2016 Hybrid Pilot Incentive Program to provide recognition and reward opportunities to faculty who are interested in teaching hybrid courses. This program will encourage faculty to enhance service and creativity; promote best practices in teaching and learning; and implement other course improvements that advance the mission of the University. This pilot offers instructors seeking to teach their first hybrid course an additional one-time incentive.

Compensation: Instructors will receive a $1,500 incentive for teaching their first hybrid course. This incentive will only be offered during the first term the instructor is teaching in hybrid modality. The contract for these incentives will be created by the FIU Online Finance Team.

Requirements: Faculty participants in the FIU Online Fall 2016 Hybrid Pilot will be deemed eligible to receive the stipend upon determination by FIU Online that all of the following criteria have been met.

Eligibility requirement: Must be primary instructor on record for the hybrid course. The instructor must be given this course assignment by their Academic Unit/Department Chair. 

Academic unit responsibilities:

  • Department Chair must approve the instructor’s application for the Fall 2016 Hybrid Pilot
  • Academic Unit must schedule the hybrid course’s face-to-face session in a one hour and fifteen minutes time slot, once per week . Any deviation from this standard schedule must be approved by the academic unit and by FIU Online.
  • Academic Unit must schedule the course in PantherSoft using the appropriate location code, mode “H,” and the following section code convention:
    • MMC (including Engineering Campus): UHA, UHB, UHC, etc.
    • BBC: BHA, BHB, BHC, etc.
    • I-75 Campus: PHA, PHB, PHC. etc.
  • The course must not be cross-listed or otherwise combined with a course offered in a non-hybrid modality (i.e. traditional face-to-face or online) or different meeting pattern.

Faculty member responsibilities:

  • The instructor must be the primary instructor on record for the hybrid course
  • The instructor must be given this course assignment by their Academic Unit/Department Chair
  • The instructor’s hybrid course reflects a format in which 50% of the course content and activities are conducted face-to-face and 50% of the of course contentand activities are conducted online through the university’s official learning management system (i.e. Blackboard).
  • The instructor must attend and participate in all of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching’s scheduled hybrid professional development sessions prior to the start of the term, including any asynchronous online content. If an instructor is unable to attend a professional development session, he or she must make arrangements to fully make up any missed material and/or activities. CAT will report attendance and participation for the professional development sessions to FIU Online for approval.
  • The instructor must adhere to design and development milestones and/or timelines to be determined by FIU Online.
  • The instructor’s course must adhere to the minimum standards outlined in FIU Online’s Hybrid Course Design and Development Standards document.
  • The instructor must use actively use and maintain the learning management system’s gradebook functionality (i.e. Blackboard Grade Center) during the academic term.
  • The instructor must agree to permit FIU Online staff members to access the online portion of the hybrid course to determine that development standards and other criteria have been fully met