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Publisher Integrations

Many academic publishers have partnered with Canvas to integrate their resources and services. Each vendor deploys content differently, but the results are similar. In most cases, users will have access to digital materials and curriculum tools along with grade center integration and automatic sign-on.

Cengage Learning MindLinks

Cengage Learning uses MindLinks to provide a seamless integration with Canvas. MindLinks is designed to deliver an optimal user experience, facilitate learning retention, and contribute to better learner outcomes.

Features include:

  • Single sign-on provides easy and immediate access to a wealth of Cengage digital content and tools.
  • Grade synchronization ensures grades from Cengage assignments automatically appear in the Canvas Learn grade book.
  • Access to Cengage content and tools directly within the course content area makes it easy for instructors to find and integrate content into their courses within their normal workflow.
  • Cengage Learning MindLinks Tools section within Canvas enables users to access and efficiently manage all content and tools in one place.

View the Quick Start Guide for more information on how to implement this tool in your course.


Pearson's  MyLab/Mastering delivers engaging, dynamic learning opportunities that are focused on instructor's course objectives and responsive to each student's progress.

Features include:

  • Direct links to Pearson's MyLab/Mastering content create a single course experience for instructors and students.
  • Gradebook transfer allows instructors to decide which grades they want in Canvas, consolidating all course grades in one place.
  • Compliance with student privacy standards such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ensures student data is protected and secure.
  • Users can find all your eBooks, textbooks, access codes, study guides, and everything else you need to succeed.

View the LMS Integration Services, or go over the Pearson Getting Started document for instructors.


Macmillan offers a wide variety of digital teaching and learning materials to meet your course needs. With the Macmillan integrations, professors can easily customize content to meet the needs of each course and assign it at the chapter and asset level within their Canvas course:

Features include:

  • Single sign-on provides instructors and students with the convenience of one login for all course resources.
  • Grades for all Macmillan assignments and assessments automatically post to the Canvas Grade Center, giving instructors and students one destination to monitor class performance.
  • Chapter and asset-level linking functionality allows instructors to link to the Macmillan content that matches their specific course needs, ensuring students have easy access to the right learning resources at the right time.
  • Access to Macmillan content within the course content area makes it easy for instructors to find and adopt content within their native Canvas workflow.

Access the Macmillan website for more information.

McGraw-Hill Campus

McGraw-Hill Campus allows faculty member to access all McGraw-Hill Higher Education digital resources, including ancillaries and eBooks in one place.  Because this product functions much like a “library,” you can access McGraw-Hill textbook or e-Book content even if you’re not currently a McGraw-Hill customer.  

Features include:

  • Effortlessly access more than 1,500 e-texts and accompanying instruction resources.
  • Easily access McGraw-Hill Connect and LearnSmart assessments, assignments and interactive activities.
  • Effectively capture lectures by making the most of instant access to McGraw-Hill Tegrity.
  • Quickly customize text with instant access to the McGraw-Hill Create custom-publishing database.
  • Easily search the online learning center for access to PowerPoint, test banks, images and animations.

Access McGraw-Hill Campus website for more information.

McGraw-Hill Connect

McGraw-Hill Connect is a combined solution that offers students and instructors a single point of access for courses, content, and learning tools directly inside the Canvas platform.

Features include:

  • Single sign-on provides seamless access to all course resources.
  • Automatic grade synchronization ensures that all Connect assignment grades are automatically recorded in the Canvas gradebook.
  • McGraw-Hill Content link located within the course Content area allows instructors to easily discover and embed McGraw-Hill content within their normal Canvas course workflows.
  • Icons based on content type allow instructors and students to quickly identify and distinguish between available content.
  • Compliance with student privacy standards such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ensures student data is protected and secure.
  • Users may purchase a custom e-book or a print textbook/product.

Visit the McGraw-Hill Demo site for videos on integration and user experiences.


Wiley offers content and digital learning resources across multiple disciplines. Faculty can deploy content for students to conveniently access WileyPLUS readings and assignments in their course. Immediate feedback on WileyPLUS assignments increases student engagement and supports the overall learning process.

Features include:

  • Single sign-on provides faculty and students with direct access to all WileyPLUS content with the convenience of one login.
  • Direct links to WileyPLUS readings and assignments give faculty greater control over how they deliver information and allow students to conveniently access their course work.
  • Gradebook synchronization ensures all grades appear in the Canvas Grade Center, saving instructors time and increasing student accountability.
  • Compliance with student privacy standards such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ensures student data is protected and secure.
  • WileyPLUS includes the complete online version of your text and other interactive resources.

Access the WileyPLUS Resources & Support page for video tutorials and more information on how to implement WileyPLUS into your courses.