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Resources Inside Canvas

  • Adobe Connect - web meeting software

    Adobe Connect is a web conferencing tool that offers a lot more flexibility and features than the Groups tools and Collaboration tools. This technology allows faculty and students to hold live-synchronous, online meetings in a variety of layouts and formats. Adobe Connect enables multiple users (attendees) to share files or computer screens, chat, broadcast live audio and video, and participate in interactive online activities.

    This tool is ideal for both lectures and projects that require more flexibility than the previously mentioned tools. Adobe Connect can also be used for individual or group presentations because of its extreme flexibility and the ability to record sessions.

  • Canvas Groups Area (check your course, not all tools may be enabled)
    • Group Discussions: Users within the group can create and manage their own forums and discuss topics with just the group members. Instructors can use Group Discussions to evaluate group participation.
    • Group Announcements: Users within a group can create announcements visible to all group members.
    • Group Conferences: Users in a group can start their own virtual meeting rooms.
    • Group Pages: Users within a group can edit and view their group pages. Group pages are areas for student collaboration.
    • Group Collaborations: Users can create a Google Doc and work in projects as a group.
    • Group Files: Group members and instructors can share files in this area. All members, as well as instructors, can add files. They can also delete files, regardless of who added them.